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Mariana Steelsmith


With over 20 years of experience, Mariana brings immeasurable creativity to every project. She is a native Spanish speaker, originally from Peru. She brings a different point of view and culture to the ZING family. She worked closely with the JCPenney user experience team testing and recommending better usability and experiences for the customers on iPhone, Android and iPad as well as implementing new designs for their website and mobile web.  She also helped improve the checkout process making it faster and more efficient.

She developed online training for AT&T using objectives, related teaching strategies, feedback and evaluation. The end result was an interactive resource for agents to understand and apply new functionalities of the program and services.

She is an expert in corporate branding, rebranding and creating up to date strategies to help companies succeed. Her expertise has been used for retail, online advertisement, health and wellness, med spas, non-profit organizations, parks & recreations, personal chef, water recycling and many more.

She is what we call a “hybrid” (half print-half online).  She creates print materials thinking ahead about how to implement them online and vice versa. That is why all of the marketing materials created by her will work for online as well as print.