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What Is Instructional Design?

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The flexibility of instructional design enables your company to provide resources and information for your employees at any stage of their career. The initial training sets the tone for what employees can expect in terms of how information will be disseminated to them, what kind of lines of communication exist within the company and what kind of benefits they can expect if they stay on. Throughout their time at your company, instructional design can also be utilized to keep them up-to-date with changes in company policies, necessary certifications, ongoing training or industry shifts.

Cloud based instructional design, or a Learning Management System (LMS), allows for the almost immediate dissemination of information to employees from a remote location without the hassle of gathering individuals in a particular time or place to conduct training. With the provided content, websites can be created that can be viewed on computers, tablets or phones.

Integrating this type of training can be a selling point for any company wishing to reimagine their brand in order to boost recruitment and retention. Putting the time and effort into creating something more engaging than just a packet with employee benefits demonstrates a passion that can attract motivated individuals.