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Srividya Ramaswami

Instructional Designer and Technical Writer

This twenty (yes, twenty) year technical writing and instructional design veteran has the ability to write and create technical documentation, user manuals, process manuals and also create web-based and leader-led training courses using information mapping and the ADDIE method.

In this time period Ms. Ramaswami has also created process and simulation flows, designed demos and proposals at a very high level. She has done this for companies like SAP India, AT&T, Texas Capital Bank, and Tele-Apps.

A technical writer with development experience* herself, Srividya (pronounced “Vi-dee-ya”) is uniquely suited for writing manuals and designing training for companies with complex process implementations like ERP systems, banking software, and manufacturing. She also has the training and experience to tackle soft skill subjects like group dynamics and sexual harassment.

Her experience in technical documentation enables her to simplify complex information and create straight-forward and easy to understand training modules for any kind of work force audience.