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What are chatbots?

Let’s start at the beginning. Chatbots are virtual AI assistants that are able to reply quickly in an interactive way, which simulates an employee. They automate lead generation, scheduling, sales, marketing, compiling databases, and provide 24/7 customer service support.

This marketing platform and technology is only a few years old, but the big companies have already started the trend. Whole Foods, TGI Fridays, Lego, Sephora, Marriot Hotels and most recently  Wimbledon, all have chatbots that specialize in their industry to help their customer.

1.4 billion users interact every month on Facebook Messenger.

In fact, there are far more people on messaging apps than social apps. Another example, in 2014, Facebook purchased whatsapp, for 16 billion dollars.

How do people communicate currently with their friends, co-workers, and family?

Mostly through texting, it’s simple, and quick. People are more inclined to reply to a message and text quicker than they are to an email. It only makes sense for business owners to be on the same platform as their customers. And chatbots help monetize the platform in this way.

Business owners are already seeing improved productivity and lowered labor costs from chatbots. Forbes estimates 8 billion in costs will be saved by using chatbots by 2022. Instead of hiring a call center service or having IT answer redundant questions, Chatbots solve this problem. This saves time and money, which are imperative as a business owner.

80% Open Click Rates.

This is the number chatbots have currently over their competitor, emails, who have only 20%. As a marketer, these are staggering metrics to argue against. Think of how many times you get an email, we get hundreds of them every day. For the most part, we simply mark them as spam. Can you send 10 emails in less than 10 minutes to customers with product information or feedback? Unlikely. Chatbots make the sales process easier by directing them through a specific funnel and more interactive with a just a few clicks. Emails feel a bit too formal, and you can’t really include a bunch of stuff on there. Chatbots, on the other hand, feel like a real conversation is happening.

The way people communicate has changed drastically over the years. With Zingbots, clients have true opt-ins, the customer has to start the conversation for them to subscribe, and they have real power to unsubscribe. There is zero weight (no need to download anything). They are scalable. The history of the conversation is in front of the customer. The customer can also complete complex tasks that are beyond the capability of email. Product updates on logistics, engaging conversations, instant customer gratification, educational activities, transparent, built in e-commerce, engages and delights your customer in real time. In no way, is email marketing dead, but it’s definitely getting harder to ignore the value chatbots have to offer compared side by side with email.

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